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Zionburg Healthcare 世安堡

Biodegradable Disinfection Wet Wipes (200 pcs/bucket)

Biodegradable Disinfection Wet Wipes (200 pcs/bucket)

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* Effective disinfection and antibacterial action, designed for professional use in cleaning public places

* Eliminates or inhibits a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus, as well as the following bacteria:

* ATCC 6538 Staphylococcus aureus

* ATCC 10536 Escherichia coli

* ATCC 15442 Pseudomonas aeruginosa

* ATCC 29970 Streptococcus pyogenes

* Non-alcoholic, bleach-free, and free from allergenic ingredients.

* Made from natural and eco-friendly materials, plant fibers that can biodegrade through composting, without causing environmental pollution.

* Enriched with aloe vera and glycerin, providing a natural fragrance that won't strip away skin moisture upon contact.

* Powerful disinfection formula effectively sterilizes, inhibits bacteria, eliminates sweat odor, and suppresses the spread of viruses.

* Specifically suitable for places with high foot traffic: gyms, dance studios, clinics, clubs, offices, security rooms, schools, information desks in buildings/malls, etc.

* Cleans smooth surfaces frequently touched by people: gym equipment, handrails, public trash bins, office desktops, elevator buttons, and more.

* Wet wipe size: 20cm x 15cm, 200 wipes per container, each container weighs 1.36kg.


- Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride C12-C18

- Alkyl Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride C12-C14

- Butylene Glycol

- Polyhexamethylene Biguanide Hydrochloride

- Ethylhexyl Glycerin

- Aloe Vera Essence

- Pure Water


Medical / Disinfection Product Production Certification

- EN1275:2005, EN13485:2016

Environmental Protection Certification Registration

- United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Compost Biodegradation Test


Eco-friendly material certification


Quality Test

- GB15979:2002/ATCC6538/10536/15442

⋆ This product complies with EN1650:2019, EN1276:2019, GB15979-2002, GB/T 27728-2011 standards and has been tested by SGS and GQT.

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