About Us

Founded in Switzerland, ZB represents a vibrant community that embraces sports, fitness, travel, and other enriching life activities aimed at enhancing well-being and joy. Now based in Hong Kong, we are on a mission to fulfill the ZB ethos, which seeks to beautifully blend the strengths of the physique, the resilience of the spirit, and the sharpness of the mind into a cohesive whole.

ZB transcends mere products; we are committed to cultivating a lifestyle that thrives in striving, comprehensive wellness, and the power of community support in pursuing these ideals.

Our brand is driven by purpose, emphasising sustainability and alignment with The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Core Values:

Integrity and Accountability: We operate with honesty, taking responsibility for our actions and their impact.

Inclusivity and Connection: We value diversity, building trusting and inclusive relationships.

Social Impact: We actively contribute to positive change and community betterment.

Health and Well-being: We actively advocate for an active lifestyle, promoting well-being and happiness.