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ZB Biodegradable Refreshing Body Wipes (5 rolls per pack)

ZB Biodegradable Refreshing Body Wipes (5 rolls per pack)

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$138 for 5 packs (25 rolls)

Available in different scents: Mint, Lilac, Freesia, Cucumber, and Sandalwood.
Sweat it out guilt-free, knowing you're not harming the environment
Compact and easy to carry, perfect for spontaneous activities and hectic schedules
* CAMPING & GLAMPING TRIPS, where access to water and showers may be limited
* WORKOUTS & SPORTS TRAINING, to quickly freshen up and remove sweat and dirt
* HYGIENE SOLUTIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH LIMITED MOBILITY, providing instant and localized cleansing, particularly suitable for those under nursing care
* BACKPACKING & LONG-HAUL TRAVELING, where a quick refresh is needed during long stretches of travel.
* Biodegradable tissue made from 100% biodegradable plant fibres
* Extra large size of 32 x 28cm for better coverage
* Extra wet and moisturizing to keep skin hydrated
* Honeycomb texture wipes provide a body massage feel
* Non-alcohol, no MIT, no parabens, herbal ingredients, skin-friendly with Vitamin E and antibacterial properties
* Individual packages make it easy to carry and wipe your body after sporting, and outdoor activities, or in the absence of water.
*This product has passed the SGS test

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